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HOT TOPIC – What would you like as our whole school topic?

Every year our second topic for the Summer term is a whole school topic, where each year group joins together to study the same thing. It could be based on Science, History, Geography or another element of the curriculum. But what would you like us to look at this Summer? Let us know your ideas […]

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HOT TOPIC – Should we wear a school tie?

A suggestion was given to the School Council that we should wear school ties. We thought it was an interesting idea and wanted to know what you all thought. Should we do it? Why would it good or bad idea? Have your say.

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Your New School Council

Following our elections in September we have elected our new School Council members for this year. Congratulations to… Tiana – Merlin Bo – Osprey Evan – Kestrel Lucia – Hawk Lily – Falcon Amy – Owl Georgia – Eagle Molly – Buzzard  

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Southbourne’s Got Talent!

As there are so many talented children at Southbourne Juniors, the School Council thought it would be a great idea to hold a talent competition. If you are a great singer, dancer, juggler, magician, comedian, gymnast or have another special talent, then let Lottie in Owl class know. Auditions will be held soon and the […]

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Pick a classy name for your class name

The children of Southbourne have told us that they think the current system for identifying our classes is rather dull. As a result we want your help in coming up with better names than Class 1, Class2, etc. First we need a theme and then 8 names for our classes around that theme. Ideally the […]

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What do you think of assemblies?

The School Council want to know what you think about assemblies and how they could be improved? Please comment to let us know what you think.

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Our first meeting

We held the first meeting of the School Council this week. We were introduced to all the members of the Council and had to write a report for the Governors. We also discussed what we would like to do as a Council and set an agenda for our next meeting. Football before school Inside space […]

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Have your say…

This is the brand new School Council blog. Following the elections last week, we now have a democratically elected School Council. This blog offers you the chance to decide what the Council works on and you can even share your opinions about decisions that are being made.

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