a very french week

this week we have had loads of fun  with lots of frenchy things me and ben had samuel and mathis (daniel) and ben had paco and enzo ben as always is unsurprising because he fell in love with lou… overall we had an amazeballs week.


by daniel jones and ben

the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious skeleton fankie

the skeleton is an amazing thing, if we didn’t have one we would be like a pile of jelly and we would be very vulnerable E.G. if we fell over there is a high chance of us dying because there is nothing at a;ll to protect our organs, they would be severely damaged . But luckily we have ribs so we are completely fine . The most fascinating thing to me is that there is 350 bones when we are born,but when we get older we grow and are bones develop into much bigger bones, so when we are adults you have 206 because the development from your bones, it’s absolutely amazing.

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