New Forest

New Forest

Everybody wants to have a cram packed holiday full of excitement with endless possibility. Well at the New Forest that can be a reality. With venues like the fun filled Go Ape and the close to nature experience of camping and the exhilarating walks of the forest that will take away the stress and  bring you peace instead!


Swinging through the tree tops and zipping through the trees on the zip wires, are only 2 of the amazing possibilities at go ape. Wonderfull things are accomplished and new skills will be created as you brake your boundaries and go out of your comfort zone reaching 23 feet high above the ground. Although that may sound scary you are safely strapped in to your harness.
Walks and trails are one of the most obvious things to do at new forest. Horses are spotted all year round nibbling on carrots and leaf’s. There are numerous different trails including the energetic fitness trail and much more.If you like Walking through a mysterious trail of beauty and color,the new forest is the place for you.

by heather smith and robyn ashley

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Summer holiday fun in Whitley

Things to do when you get bored this summer

By Emma kennett and Millie cowper 


If you get bored over the summer holidays here are a few things to do. Have a affordable fun filled day suitable for the whole family. Enjoy a day climbing, shopping and relaxing in the spa while treating you littleings to the thrilling toy shop and make their day!


Tired of your kids moaning, arguing and nagging you for some fun? Never knew where to go? Well now you do! Take a trip to Whitley toy shop and watch their faces light up with joy and excitement as they look around.   


Take a trip to Whitley shopping center and enjoy a day of climbing 15 ft high at Rock Up, take you young ones in the soft play and let them let out all their energy. If you are brave then try the leap of faith and soar through the sky as well as being firmly secured with a safe, reliable harness.


There are many places to eat, how about Frankie and Benny’s? Were the menu suits everyone. Order a delicious bolognese or a cheese burger and chips for the price 0f £11.75, if you enjoy healthy food order a lovely green salad and chicken bites! How about enjoying a lovely meal in the Harvester and take some time to relax, the whole family will love the food.


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Summer Holiday day out in Hayling

A day out on Hayling Island!!!


If you are bored over the summer holiday why not go for a day out on Hayling Island. A day on Hayling Island is fun for all the family as there are lots of different activities all around  the Island!!!!


The fun fair on Hayling is very thrilling there are lots of roller coasters and thrilling drop rides there are rides for little toddlers to big adults!!


Hayling Island is home to an amazing  crazy golf  course with lots of jumps and tunnels, you can enjoy lots of fun in the sun asit is outside

Hayling beach is a beautiful scene  all day long , enjoy the beautiful blue water shimmer in  the sun and  at night watch  the pinkand purple sky light up the water in seconds!Along the beach there is a skatepark for the older kids.

By Marnie and Tony

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Theme parks

Theme parks

Are you looking for a fun packed day to stop the kids going “MUM DAD I’M BORED CAN WE GO SOMEWHERE FUN!!!!” Well if you had enough of that take the kids down into a theme park it might be a long drive but it’s worth it many theme parks have rides for adults and kids some recommended theme parks are Legoland, Alton Towers, Disney Land and Paultons Park. Some might be far away from you but some might be just around the corner!

Legoland is a great theme park there are so many rides to enjoy such as laser raiders, vikings river splash, spinning spider, pirate falls and many more there are also many shops to spend your money in such as the big shop,the star wars shop and even the shop in emma’s house in the new heartlake city area where you can relax and watch a show like friends to the rescue and many others.

Paultons park is one great theme park and it’s got a own mini theme park for toddlers Peppa pig  world some of the rides here are scary for adults!!Some of the rides are the cobra,Magma,the sky swinger,the jumping bean,the pirate ship ,wave runner and the dragon roundabout are all fun rides .There is a massive shop in paultons park you buy souvenirs and many other fun toys to get.

So would you like to come a visit a theme park in the summer holidays and have some fun?! Or while the fun lasts book a hotel at Legoland Windsor Resort  or in Paultons park


By Melody & Katie


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Summer Holiday Paintblling



Paintballing is a great way to pass time if you get bored in during the summer holidays. The aim of the game is to shoot paint at the opposing team in quests to capture the flag and Protect the President.


You can experience the excitement in Portsmouth, Chichester, Bournemouth or Southampton where your adventure begins. If you love action packed activities, paintballing will provide the perfect day out for you and your family. If you are good at paintballing, then you should take a team and face delta force. As they are the best paintballing team in the world! All the challenges require precision and patience as you are shooting at a very small target. At £70.00 for 6 people, it is quite expensive. But it is definitely worth the money as the thrill of it will make you want to go again!

By Ruby Wood & Andrew Brown


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A day out in Cornwall.



If you are bored and don’t have anything to do then cornwall is the place for you. There are many place’s

to go such as;

Check out the beach’s.

Ride horses through muddy and steep paths ( which is an adventure of a life time ).

You can get tour of the lovely place Cornwall.

These are only some of the fun-filled experience that you can enjoy.

Along the shore there are some fantastic beaches where you can swim in the luxurious water and be flushed away by the amazing site whilst in the water. You can also get an ice cream or 2 when lying on the fantastic golden beach’s.


If you love horses then horse riding is the thing for you. Also it is an experience of a lifetime whilst you feel the wind through your hair and if you have the courage to jump ride and whizz through the air at the Flambards Theme Parks roller coasters such as the Hornet and the Space race.

There are some magnificent rides and some fantastic  experience which the whole family will enjoy such as;

The Skyswinger,

The Skyraker and the Thunderbolt


Cornwall in itself is a lovely place but if you want to take the whole in book a tour of the place.

But remember that’s only a few of the many things that you can do.

By Jack.L and Gareth


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Summer Holiday – Hiking




Hiking is fun for all the family with wildlife,time available for picnics,making stick huts and collecting things.You’ll all have fun at various venues and watching the awesome wildlife milling around you.It’s an amazing feeling to watch the different effects throughout the different areas and environments also identifying different footprints,bugs,trees,animals and leaves. In Kingley vale there are lots of climbing trees , an adventure trail , a pond with fish and sheep.It is also a great team building event. But watch out the hill is very steep but it’s free!! Its got 2 little hills on top of the big steep hill where there is an amazing view where you can see chichester cathedral while having a picnic and doing roley poleys down or just rolling down the hills.You could also enjoy a picnic with your friends,family and the children in  Queen Elizabeth country park.You can also have fun at home creating hiking bags , resources and food. 


By India and Ella

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Summer holidays of the Hayling Billy Trail

The Hayling Billy Trail


If you want to go on an adventure then the Hayling Billy Line is a place you will enjoy with it’s amazing cycling track that reaches five miles. The Hayling Billy Line also has extraordinary scenery that your family will most lightly have the time of their lives.


looking towards the sea there is a smashing shor with crystal clear dazzling water that you can go cyacing on until you get to the sea where you can go kiteboarding.


The Hayling Billy Line is also a great place for a family picnic or to hang out with your friends. If you love new experiences you could try fishing on the shore  or go sailing on your boat.


If you haven’t brought a picnic then you must visit the fish and chip shop that is about halfway down the billy line with it’s fried fish for £2:50  and fantastic fries for £0:99 and it’s super delicious meat pies for £1:98.

By Zachary Turner and Joseph Boschi

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summer holidays Thorpe Park

A day out in Thorpe Park


Are you bored out of you skin? Then get over to Thorpe Park!!Thorpe park is an amazing theme park that all the family will enjoy, packed with rocking rides and tasty treats,Thorpe Park is a thrill-seeker’s dream land.


Thorpe Park has a lot of awesome rides for all ages young adult or elderly people. Also you can now enjoy the new activity the I’m a Celebrity get me out of here that is super scary and u can enjoy bugs in your hair. You can also ride the thrilling Stealth that will make your hair stand on end and the amazing Swarm that will scar you to death!

Thorpe Park has so many cool things to do, so by the end of the day you will never want to go from this dream place.

Saw – The Ride is a horror filmed rollercoaster which will make you scream with fear and excitement.Rides that will make you scream and ones that will make you have tears of joy and laughter.

Rides that twist you and turn you,

sweet smelling treats,

Thorpe park is the place for your family!!!

Sweet treats like candyfloss,

you won’t need to floss,

You fears are accomplished as u ride to your destiny,

Thorpe Park is the place for you and your family!!


The End by K+M.

(aka Katherine Gamboa-Kerwood and Magena Woodham)


  • THORPE PARK Resort Youth Group Ticket Pricing per person
  • ADULT OFF-PEAK (12+)
  • £49.99
  • CHILD PEAK (4-12)
  • £44.99
  • CHILD OFF-PEAK (4-12)
  • £44.99

Adults: from £25.99

Children: from £23.Stay 2 days from £33.99, Evening rides on the Top 6 coasters between 7-10pm for £15.

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summer holidays

A day out in southsea



In Southsea you can go to a funfair that has lots of rides and they are amazing. They are for children and adults and there is duck games also.


In joy Southsea there are beaches that you can sunbathe at the beach and have a tan on your back and legs. and elloy adoles.


At  Southsea you can go to the Ottawa they are ries that you can go on and they are sere.

The beautiful Southsea  here are fish a chips shop the chips are so so so so so delicious and you can eat them on the beach.
By jack j and eather p