Star of the Week


This week’s Star of the Week is…

27/02/15 – STAR OF THE MONTH is Florence. Florence is the star of the month due to her continued high standard of work and becoming one of the first in the class to gain a pen licence… oh, and then she went and made the Brazilian flag into a cake. Awesome.

27/02/15 – Star of the week is Luke. He has shown real persistence to continue with his work when he found it tough and this attitude will lead to success.

06/02/15 – Star of the week is James. Shown a real shift in attitude this week. No longer happy to just do enough, but wants to do a really good job with his writing.

30/01/15 – STAR OF THE MONTH is Abigail. She always tries her hardest in lessons and doesn’t get put off by finding something difficult. She is also a good friend to many members of the class and an excellent role model to those around her.

30/01/15 – Star of the week is Esteban. He has shown a great attitude to his learning this week particularly improving his focus in lessons he finds harder. This has lead to improved work. Well done.

16/01/15 – Star of the week is Adam. He has made a great start to the new term. Taking pride with his presentation and really engaging with his learning.

09/01/15 – Star(s) of the week are Leia and Abigail. Mr Blake-Lobb was poorly this week so Miss O’Toole took the class and selected two stars of the week. Leia worked really hard all week and has a great attitude while Abigail is an all round legend.

19/12/14 – STAR OF THE MONTH is Freddie. He has worked really hard at his handwriting and it is really paying off.

19/12/14 – Star of the week is Libby. Libby did the whole school proud with her confident performance in the Christmas play, Jack and the Beanstalk.

12/12/14 – Star of the week is Alfie. He has made progress in Maths, Writing and Reading this term and we’re really proud of all the effort he is putting into his class work.

05/12/14 – Star of the week is Jaimee. She has been trying really hard at her spellings and as a result achieving success. Her writing is also coming along nicely. Keep focused and keep doing well Jaimee.

28/11/14 – STAR OF THE MONTH this month is Sam. Sam has a great approach to school. He is happy to work with all members of the class and a great role model in term of behaviour, effort and good humour. Well done Sam, you are a star.

28/11/14 – Star of the week is Molly. Always tries her best. Always works hard. Always lets Mr Blake-Lobb know how unfunny he is.

21/11/14 – Star of the week is Leia. Leia has been a great role model in group work this week. Listening to other’s ideas and offering helpful suggestions.

14/11/14 – Star of the week is Harvey. Harvey has concentrated well this week and put extra effort into his work and as a result his writing has improved.

07/11/14 – Star of the week is Joseph. He has really worked hard at his Maths this week in particular but also shown a big improvement in the level of effort he puts in to all his work since September. Great work Joseph, keep it up.

23/10/14 – STAR OF THE MONTH this month is Daisy. As we reach the end of our first half term in class 5 we look back at all the successes we have had together and Daisy has had a large number. She has received a massive 80 dojo points for a variety of reasons including giving goo answers, working fantastically, giving in regular, quality homework and being a wonderful role model to others in the school.

23/10/14 – Star of the week this week is Finlay. The care and pride he takes in his work is an example to all of the class.

17/10/14 – Star of the week this week is Lauren. She is always a good friend to her class mates and treats everyone with kindness and respect.

10/10/14 – This week’s Star of the week is Emma. She has been an excellent role model both in her behaviour and the way she approaches her work. Well done Emma.

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