Ancient Greek Masks

These are our masks we made during our topic about Ancient Greece.

First we  got some plastic masks and then we stuffed them with bunches of newspaper and then we put a carrier bag on the top.

secondly we placed the clay onto the face of the mask and smoothed it down to look more like a face and then we cut out the eyes and the mouth. Next we got some extra clay and started to add parts that make shapes like facial hair aka mustaches and beards.

Finally we added detail to make  it look life like, painted it black and used metalic spray paint to add an effect.

Mask 3Mask 2

Mask 5Mask 4

Mask 7Mask 6

Mask 1

Andy Warhol Alien Prints

AW 1 AW 2 AW 3 AW 4 AW 5 AW 6

These are some of the Andy Warhol alien prints we have been making in class 5. First we designed the alien and then drew it onto tracing paper. After that we copied it onto some foam before printing it onto black paper using just white paint. We used rollers to put pressure on the back of the foam to push down to get the colour onto the paper. We went on to paint different parts of the foam to create layers of colour and repeat the rolling. We really like the finished pieces and would love to hear what you think of them.

New School Mural.


Murial 1

This is our amazing new School mural painted on the wall in the quiet area outside Mr Holder’s classroom. We think it’s great, but what do you think? Which is your favourite animal and why?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Jeff Kinney

Our class read at the moment is ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ by Jeff Kinney. Share your opinions about the book and make predictions in the comments.

What do you think of the book so far?

What is the best bit so far?

What do you think is going to happen?

Who is your favourite character?

Coming soon…

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