Mary Rose Trip

maryrose1 tudorday1

On the 16th  of January (Friday) year 5 went to the Mary Rose !Firstly we walked down to  southbourne station to catch a train .We went on the train, got of at Havent station, Got another that went Straight portsmouth! After the journey we walked to the mary rose  in portsmouth dockyard But before that  we went to a maths fun  to learn out what the experience was like in tudors to learn out maths . Then we had lunch and went into the Mary Rose museum.Finally  we went to the gift shop ! (Abigail and Joseph)

When we went to the mary rose and we went in a glass elevator and I was scared I bit my nails which i should not do. (Esteban and Hermione)

On the 16th of january 2015 we went on an exciting trip to the mary rose museum we travelled on a train. When we got there we did some problems people would have on the ship. We did some interesting maths first we did some maths on how many biscuits they would need and we had to weigh them and use a calculator and some division then once we had held cannonballs and measured out food they would have on the ship.Then we moved on to go round the museum and to take notes for the lesson and report we were going to write. One we finished that we went on a lift that gave you a cracking view of the Mary Rose.Then we went to the gift shop and we could by anything useful. It was sad that we then had to leave back on the train again. We then talked about what we had done.BYE BYE (Amy and Leo).

The visit to the Mary Rose was very intriguing and we saw the skeleton of the ships dog. It was cross between a whippet and a terrier. We saw half of the Mary Rose and all the weapons that were onboard the ship. After the tour we ate lunch and at the end of the day we went to the gift shop and bought some items ( E.G. bonbons ) and we had a very good day there! 😀 🙂 (Jaimee and James)

On Friday 16th january we visited the mary rose museum  to find out facts for our newspaper report about the mary rose. In the morning we traveled on the train to the museum to do a maths workshop. In the afternoon we filled out a worksheet whilst we looked round the massive museum to help us  with our newspaper . We got the train home and had a 15min break yay!!!!!! (Florence and Freddie)

On the 16th of january 2015 we went to the mary rose museum and it was amazing and it had a lot of history in it. (Jake and Phoebe)


How to do the column method – addition

The column method

1. Write out calculation in correct format ( one number above the over) If your number has decimals start with them

2. Start with the numbers on the right-hand side then do the left.

3. If both of the numbers you add go over 10 put a 1 beneth the next column you are going to count.

4. Helpful tip: Do a optional estimate to predict your answer by rounding the 2nd number to the nearest 1, 10, 100, 1000 etc.


Portrait sketching

Today we have been learning how to sketch faces. These pictures show our attempts before and after we were shown some top tips.

sketch5 sketch6 sketch4 sketch3 sketch2 sketch1

Writing headlines…

Robot Attack

This week we are looking at features of news reports and have been practising writing headlines. What headline would you give this picture?

New Year’s Resolutions…


As the new year comes around we look back on the last year and remember all the successes we have had and how far we have come. It is also a time to look forward to the year ahead and make resolutions about what we would like to achieve in 2015. What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Christmas Window


This is our Christmas window display. Mrs Warren has done a fantastic job. We’re very proud of it, what do you think?

Relative clauses

To use relative clause you need to take a relative pronoun and  add in extra detail. Example; Lila’s throat, which was scorched with flames, was dry. Also make sure that the sentence make sense on it’s own.

Can you think of any examples of relative clauses?

Hey Diddle Diddle – English/Drama

This week we have been looking at play scripts in English so today we had a play scripts to try and act out.I was so embarrassed when it was  my groups go because I had the most speech .This was so tense because we had only practiced a couple of times so I definitely  was not ready! But all the time I was practicing it was fun and everyone had a good laugh  In the end when we finished we had a massive round of applause I was so relieved that it was over we had lots of  good reviews and for the rest of the lesson we watched other people act the same play but with a bit more confidence than me . 

from MOLLY

Fantastic firework sewing

In class five we have been sewing fireworks on to a frame doing lots and lots of fun creations on them. First we  made the frame from wood, glue and paper. Then we sewed on to the black cloth Pictures  of fireworks.

Today on Tuesday the 18th we did some firework sewing! All of the people in class 5 had a go at making some amazing sewing.  write your comment about how it was making this! All of the class was excited to do this.