Our Map of Africa

Can you find your name in this map of Africa?

Which country is your name in?

Africa map

African Drumming

To kick off our Africa topic for this term we had an African drumming workshop with Kwame this morning. We got to hear and play a range of African instruments, sang songs, and danced. It was lots of fun.

You can listen to some of the music we made and danced to here…

Class 5 Samba Band

We ended the Autumn term in style this afternoon by taking our Samba band outside in the sunshine to entertain the parents as they arrived to collect the children. It was brilliant.

Listen to the recording here…

Our Class Assembly

Today was our class assembly, and it was amazing. Everyone in the class did a great job…and no-one forgot their lines!

What was your favourite part of the Class 5 assembly?






experiance français!!!!!!

Having the french for the week was the best week of my life as we did so many activities such as the film night,disco night and london especially.In London we went on the london eye,River cruise,pizza hut which was eat all you want buffa,m and m world and cool Brittania .I will miss them very much!!!!

Plant Life…

Today we dissected Daffodils. The aim was to find the different parts of the plant and label them. We then went on to research and record the job that each part of the plant does.

Science1 Science2 Science3

Tudor Crime and Punishment

In English at the moment we are writing a non-chronological report about Crime and Punishment during Tudor times. It was a pretty gruesome time to live and many criminals ended up being killed in many different ways.

axe and block

What have you found out about Tudor criminals and how they were punished so far?

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Marry rose trip

I loved the marry rose trip because there were lots of stuff that were actually on the marry rose!i think the Idear of breaking the wall down is great in 2016.   I can’t wait to smell the atmosphere of the boat.Tell me what you think about the trip?

maths mental subtraction

Always remember to use these golden rules for subtraction:


>Use the inverse

>count on

>count back

>use your fingers

>partition the number

>estimate at the start

>use the number bonds

>start with the larger number


hope these tips help

Tudor Day

tudorday2 tudorday3 tudorday4

On Wednesday 14th january 2015 we had a tudor day which involved tudor related activities and  opportunities to dress up in tudor costumes . My (Finlay) personal favorite activity  was a game called house of fortune where you had to place money (counters) on a board, you have 2 dices and when you roll a 12 you take all the money from the board and I was a deadly EXECUTIONIST who would murder you all!    (Only joking) (Finlay)

My favorite was making the shields for our family with mr hall. (Molly)

On wednesday 25th we all in upper base were dressed up as Tudors.We also took part in amazing activates, at the start of the day we went into the hall to do a cat walk and there were a lot of fantastic costumes but nun as good as our teachers. we did four fun activates; making crests, house drawings, played tudor games and did acting from Shakespeare’s Macbeth then in the afternoon it was normal school.

Nun of this was possible without our awesome staff. (Ewen and Daisy)

libby came as a maid and jack came as henry the 8th and we showed of our looks then in the morning we did 4 activates the first one we did was making our own family shield the second one was mr rocks and we drawed and looked at tudor houses .The third one was mrs turners class it was a tudor game it was fun  the final one was our teacher mr blake-lobb we did acting i was mcbeth we did macbeth script because william shakespeare wrote that script IT WAS AMAZING libbys favorite was acting  jacks favorite was the acting too so we really enjoyed it.  many thanks (libby and jack)

On the tudor day we had to dress up in old fashioned tudor outfits. Some Kings and Monarchs Some knights and princesses As we passed though the classes doing different events like old tudor games and drawing. (Jamie and Hannah)

At tudorday all of the chilldren took part in activertys like tudor games which we played in groups of 4 also we dersinghed are own aursome shilled we lernt what difrent things like anmalis and coulers .egc:wight means peace.

from luke and abbie-rose:o            ps: it was a amising day thanks to mr blake-lob and mrs waren!!