Nature Watch 2014/15


Over the year we will be monitoring an area of the school and recording data to see how our environment changes from September to July. We will measure the changes in rainfall and temperature and look at which plants and animals can be found at different times of year.

May –

Nature Watch – May 2015

Air = 17C
Soil  = 37C
Water = 12C
Depth = 37cm
Width = 401cm
Rainfall = 210ml.
Length of grass = 63cm
Animals and Insects = Woodlice, slug, bee and ants
Types of flowers = Iris x40 and Lily x4
Colour of leaves = Green
Number of lily-pads = 55

April –

Nature Watch – April 2015

Air = 13C
Soil  = 9C
Water = 11C
Depth = 29cm
Width = 403cm
Rainfall = 90ml.
Length of grass = 7-8cm
Animals and Insects = Woodlice, flies, ants and a robin
Types of flowers = Weed flowers and lilies
Colour of leaves = Green
Number of lily-pads = 28

March –

Air = 27C
Soil  = 9C
Water = 23C
Depth = 59cm
Width = 
Rainfall = 80ml
Length of grass = 13cm
Animals and Insects = woodlice, centipede, ants, snails, slugs, newt…
Types of flowers = Blossom
Colour of leaves = Light and dark green
Number of lily-pads = 11

February –

Air = 10C
Soil  = 5C
Water = 8C
Depth = 37cm
Width = 398cm
Rainfall = Unknown as the container fell over.
Length of grass = 9cm
Animals and Insects = Ladybird
Types of flowers = None
Colour of leaves = No leaves on trees
Number of lily-pads = None

January –

Nature watch – January 2015

Air = 17C
Soil = 4C
Water = 6C

Depth = 39.5 cm
Width = 393 cm

Rainfall = 1600 ml

Length of grass = 3 cm

Animals and Insects = Newt

Types of flowers = None

Colour of leaves = No leaves on trees

Number of lily-pads = None

December –

Nature Watch – December 2014

Air = 10 C
Soil  = 10 C
Water = 10 C
Depth = 32 cm
Width = 415 cm
Rainfall = 170 ml
Length of grass = 3 cm
Animals and Insects = Ants
Types of flowers = None
Colour of leaves = Very few, some brown leaves
Number of lily-pads = 16

November –

The data was collected by Freddie, Hannah, Hermione, Jack and Jaimee.

Temperature:AirWaterSoil 11C10C

12CAnimals and insectsAnt, Woodlice,GrasshopperPond: depthwidth41cm423cmTypes of flowersNoneRainfall1400mlColour of leavesYellow and brownLength of grass19cmNumber of Lily Pads25

Nature Watch – November 2014


October –

The data was collected by Didier, Emma, Esteban, Ewen, Finlay and Florence.


Temperature:AirWaterSoil 26͒C14C

18CAnimals and insectsEar wigWoodlicePond: depthwidth61cm432cmTypes of flowersNoneRainfall900mlColour of leavesYellow and brownLength of grass15cmNumber of Lily Pads37

Nature Watch – October



The data was collected by Amy, Abigail, Abbie-Rose, Alfie, Adam and Daisy.


Temperature:AirWaterSoil 26͒C16͒C20͒C Animals and insects Cranefly
Pond: depthwidth 61.5cm363cm Types of flowers 1 Daisy
Rainfall Colour of leaves Green, brown and yellow
Length of grass 16.7cm Number of Lily Pads 60

Nature Watch – September

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