Beat It – Final Version

So here it is. Our complete version of Beat It by Michael Jackson. Please let us know what you think…

Beat It… Take 2

This is our second attempt at Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. We’ve now added the lyrics to the chorus. What do you think?

Who owns a suitcase like this?

Look at the clues and try to work out who this suitcase belonged to?

Beat It… Take 1

As part of our Your Country Needs You topic, we are looking at popular music in Britain since the 1940s. Class 5 have looked at the 1980s and some of the songs and artists who were popular then. We then gad to pick one that we are going to perform as a choir, and we chose… Beat It by Michael Jackson!!!!! This is our first attempt at Beat Boxing and singing the bass line. Watch this space to hear how is develops.