Space Rescue Mission – by Leo

Captain Steve Jenkins is a 25 year old man who used to work for the U.S Army, but left for a job in NASA.He is a man of a tall and thick stature with a small amount of black hair. The mission was started when Captain Steve received a fuzzy message from the Communication panel. “H_lp us!” the speakers pleaded, while a low resolution video of Alan from the AJHL appeared on the screen.  “We’r_ on Dim_ntuous, lodge_  in the wal_ of t_e Q_artus volcan_!”. Steve nodded, and signaled his team it was time for action. They shoved on their suits, and walked out of the changing room. They walked onto the S.S.S Butterfinger in the order of Steve, John Crowe, who is Steve’s best friend, Fin and Joshie. Fin, the pilot, flipped on the engines, and flew towards space.

Six hours had past since take-off, and everything was fine. They had escaped the atmosphere, and the team were having a nap. Suddenly, there was a loud CRASH!, and the rocket sent a jolt throughout its self. The lights flickered on and off, trying to survive. Darkness won. The team rushed out to see the what has caused the problem. Shards of glass  were floating around the used-to-be solar panel, and in its place was a giant meteorite.The back-up power generator was their only hope.

They searched for an hour, but then finally found the generator. Sighs of relief poured out. They flicked it on and continued towards Dimentuous                                                                                                                                                                                         …

After a while, they landed on the cold, red rock of Dimentuous. The team climbed up the Quartus volcano, and they immediately spotted the AJHL team’s rocket. The only problem was that one of the team members would have to jump onto a small rock ledge near the rocket. No one volunteered. Steve Jenkins would have to do it. He took a running jump, and aimed for the platform. Unfortunately, he over-jumped, and hit his head on the wall. It cracked his helmet, and he blacked out.

He became conscious after a while, and the odour of smoke filled his lungs. Opening his eyes, he saw what looked like a giant frisbee. Focusing harder, he could see that the “giant frisbee” had a dome on top of it. Focusing even harder, the dome held blueish clear humanoids with similar coloured staffs. The front of the U.F.O was shooting out  green beams that when they hit the ground, they created sparks that looked like fire going out. Captain Steve Jenkins had to act fast before the U.F.O hit one of his team. He grabbed a stone, and threw it towards the U.F.O’s exhaust. The stone got lodged in the exhaust , and the U.F.O came tumbling down.

After the team AJHL was saved, they started for home. ” Lets not go to Dimentuous anymore.” said Steve, laying back. “Agreed!” Everyone chorused. After a while, they finally reached the atmosphere. Steve sighed a sigh of relief and started saying ” We’re near-” BOOM!, and smoke engulfed them. After the smoke cleared, they saw a giant hole where Steve & John Crowe and their families lived, Michigan.

The Emergency – by Torin

Captain Steve Jenkins was worried. His brain was digging deeper into his stomach by the minute. He was known as badger to the rest of his team who now sat with him in the v 16 solar cruiser as they sped away from the rapidly shrinking planet earth. he was a tall,muscular man in his late twenties and worked for the u.s. military. He had been chosen alone along with five other co to investigate an all knew planet which had been named viva.

The mission objective was to find samples of what the planet was made of and look for signs of life and nothing else. Suddenly an red light came on and an alarm went haywire. The ship had been hit in the front window and steve could already see one of the lifeless pilot’s  drifting back home. He could only watch as the ship began to pull itself apart like a piece of wet paper. As I ran for to the escape pod I grabbed the rest of my team and grabbed as much stuff as possible. I was going to need it.

He awoke on a sandy,smooth planet with a huge jungle growing to the left of him. As his vision became clearer I realized that the sand was pink and the trees where red with blue trunks. And then I saw it. Huge and tough,mean and gruesome the lifeform screeched at me. His breath smelt of mold and decay. He stood 13 feet tall and was holding up fox,my second in commands limp boddie. It looked like there was a shell deep in his chest. He ran and ran for what seemed like 2 miles but when he turned around it occurred to him that it was still speeding towards him. Was this the end of his like?