Modroc Madness!!!

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Adventures in Modroc begins…

Modroc 1

Today we began making our modroc creations. Over the next week we will be making a model of ourselves. The first step was to make a wire frame. The wire was tough, but so are we so it was all ok.


Healthy Living Day – 2014

Today was Healthy Living Day at Southbourne Juniors. We took part in football, hockey, handball and circuit training activities in the morning. In the afternoon we made and tasted a range of healthy foods including smoothies, kebabs and pitta breads.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Healthy Living Day – 2014

The Human Body – by Leo


The human body is a complex and complicated structure. Muscles and joints are vital to help us move :without them we would be paralyzed. The adult human body is made of 206 bones, the baby’s body is made off 300 bones.


There are 700 named muscles in the human body. They are really important because they help us move they also help us eat, drink stretch and lots more. Muscles help pump blood around the body to moving food through intestines and also lifting objects such as backpacks. Some muscles are controlled and some such as the heart do their jobs without having to think about it. Amazingly 40% of the human body weight is muscles. The smallest muscle is in the ear. Muscles can not push they only pull.

Amazing bones

206 bones form an adults body surprisingly more than half are in the hands and feet! The spine is made from 33 vertebrae ( ( a vertebrae is a small ring bone that make up the spine.) The femur is the largest bone in the body, it runs from the the knee to the thigh. The smallest bone in the body is the stirrup in the ear and it is no bigger than a grain of rice! The  most used bone in the body is the spine it also helps you sit up and lie down.


There are 78 organs in the human  body, we need them to keep us alive because the heart is an organ and without it we would die. These are the names of some organs: Liver, stomach, lungs and the heart. The size of the heart in a adults body is the size of a fist.The kidney is located on either side of the spine just below the diaphragm, they are bean shaped and about 4 and a half inches long


To conclude you need your body and everything inside it: organs, bones, muscles everything!!!!

The human body – by Florence


the human body is a fragile frame – work made of 206 bones.You will read some of the most interesting facts in the human body .For example did you know it takes 27 bones to smile and 41 to frown.If you are truly intrigued read more


Amazingly babies have 94 more bones than an adult.Adults have 206 but babies have 300 because when a baby gets to the age of 24 months their bones are joined together.


Pumping wildly , organs are very precious to the human body. There are many different organs in the body here is some names.The heart is the very main organ then the lungs help you to breathe  . Most organs are tucked carefully away in side the rib cage so that they are protected from any injuries .


The human body has at least 135 muscles.Did you know that there is 37 bones and 27 muscles in your hand alone.Sometimes you feel almost a pinch of pain in the muscle that is only growing pains everyone get it it is natural in the human body  .Weirdly if you didn’t have muscles you couldn’t carry things or run or jump .We are lucky to have muscles they are special to the brain and all organs


To conclude you need your body to live .I hope you learned so facts !!!


The human skeleton is an epic creation that everyone has!The report will have amazing facts that you wont think are true but they are.Did you know that you have 206 bones in you ? 


Amazingly joints help you move and stay in one shape and size.If you didn’t have organs you would die instantly.



Did you know that the femur is the biggest bone in you?surprisingly your bones are very strong and help you!


Wow there really is a lot to learn to learn about .Have you learnt any facts  i hope so.


Human Body – by Libby


The human body is like your organs bones skin and if you didn’t have skin you would look ugly and pole of bones and wouldn’t be able to get tanned.


organs are things what help us survive are kidney is what keeps are bad things in and are heart is what help us breath.


bones are what help us move and be flexible and do gymnastics.If you break a bone you get a xray or a scan or you go in a tunnel and they scan your leg.


did you learn  anything from this report because i now i did so bones are what help us move and organs are what help us survive by libby hedgcock.


It’s good to be me…

This week we have started our topic ‘It’s good to be me’. Use the comments below to share the most interesting fact you have learnt about the human body.