Relative clauses

To use relative clause you need to take a relative pronoun and  add in extra detail. Example; Lila’s throat, which was scorched with flames, was dry. Also make sure that the sentence make sense on it’s own.

Can you think of any examples of relative clauses?

Hey Diddle Diddle – English/Drama

This week we have been looking at play scripts in English so today we had a play scripts to try and act out.I was so embarrassed when it was  my groups go because I had the most speech .This was so tense because we had only practiced a couple of times so I definitely  was not ready! But all the time I was practicing it was fun and everyone had a good laugh  In the end when we finished we had a massive round of applause I was so relieved that it was over we had lots of  good reviews and for the rest of the lesson we watched other people act the same play but with a bit more confidence than me . 

from MOLLY

Fantastic firework sewing

In class five we have been sewing fireworks on to a frame doing lots and lots of fun creations on them. First we  made the frame from wood, glue and paper. Then we sewed on to the black cloth Pictures  of fireworks.

Today on Tuesday the 18th we did some firework sewing! All of the people in class 5 had a go at making some amazing sewing.  write your comment about how it was making this! All of the class was excited to do this.


The Firework Marker’s Daughter

Our topic this term is based on the Philip Pullman novel ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’.

This is a picture of the front cover of the book. Use the picture to make predictions about what you think the book will be about. What sort of book it is? Who are the main characters? What are they like? Where is it set? What is going to happen?

As we read the book you come update your opinions about what has been happening and what you think is going to happen.