African Drumming

These are our compositions using a range of African percussion. We created polyrythms and leant how to write them down using musical notation.


More African Masks…

These are some more African Masks we have made today. We’re all about the African Masks at the moment. This time we used our sewing skills. We all learnt that it can sometimes be tricky to thread wool through the eye of a needle. Well done to Phoebe for helping so many people thread their needles and help keep Mr Blake-Lobb sane.

African Masks

These are some of our African masks. What do you think?

African Drumming – The sounds of lesson 1

We have been learning to play African percussion instruments and these are the compositions from our first lesson. What do you think?

Our Map of Africa

Can you find your name in this map of Africa?

Which country is your name in?

Africa map

African Drumming

To kick off our Africa topic for this term we had an African drumming workshop with Kwame this morning. We got to hear and play a range of African instruments, sang songs, and danced. It was lots of fun.

You can listen to some of the music we made and danced to here…