the taxi

once upon a time 2 girls were walking to the park to have a pick- nick and them girls were called abbie and libby, abbie and libby were the greatest of friends and went everywhere together. As the walked up the hill they got tired and called a taxi cab and as soon as they got in the car it started to fly in the sky  and Abbie touched the cloud and that turned into candy floss so Libby  touched a cloud and that turned into chocolate  when they both looked to the man driving the cab he was wearing a pink Tutu with a tiara and wings , they were laughing there heads off .

what do you think they should do keep riding or get off and have the pick- nick ?:)

Sweet evil

On a soft summers eve a billow of smoke from the near by candy factory, ruining the evening with pollution but making the air sweet with the smell of boiling sweets. There were black currants and oranges and soft apples. However not every crocodile was happy with the pollution. Pepper mint the crocodile was willing to kill the very forgotten man who ran the evil, scrummy factory of doom. Peppermint the naughty, scaly, swamp green  crocodile had have enough of the evil ,squat villain Simon Guntanvankop aiming to be the worlds richest man. Will he succeed in his greedy dreams?

The terrible teacher troubles

One day  a girl called fred woke up in her duvet which was as soft as a sheep’s coat . She didn’t  want  to go to school because her new teacher had she some very weird characteristics of a crocodile.On top of being a crocodile she eat pepper and orange together. Weird .I didn’t want to go because she screamed like a baby when I forgot my homework . Homework I forgot about all about it miss will kill me . What am I going to do  make up a terrible hopeless excuses  or do I face the facts.what to do?!!!!

Croc ate his friends

Once upon a time there was a crocodile who liked eating soft oranges and dr pepper and he always forgot to put the dr pepper cans in the bin! If you didn’t know he met Mr Dude who he ate 2 seconds after they saw each – other which Mr Dude obviously didn’t enjoy! Whilst Croc was trotting home when he saw his best mate Peppa pig and once again ate her which Peppa obviously didn’t enjoy! At home Croc found a snake who he ate so snake obviously didn’t enjoy! Croc Snake Mr Dude say bye bye.

hiding under the bedcovers

i lay silently in my bed and i could hear wind howling viciously outside and floorboards creaking. Suddenly i heard a loud creak, hid under the bed covers, my heart pounding. As i plummeted under the covers feeling something wet touch my feet  i remembered that when i had let my pet crocodile up he had brought me a horrible treat of mouldy peppers and oranges and i had forgot to clear it away!!!!!!!!! My head rolled aimlessly around on the soft pillow then the sound of footsteps echoed on the landing and a shadowy figure peered round the door.

Ewen and the sweet shop

Ewen was walking to school whilst he smelt the wonderful smell of boiling sweets. He turned to see a massive boiled sweet being put on the windowsill. At that second a crowd of children looking at the boiled orange peppermint crocodile. Ewen knew he could not afford it so he slowly walked to school but a shine like the heavens had sent joy to the promised land. The soft snow buried the fifty pound note which was obviously forgot pick it up so it was is for glory. So he picked it up and kept surely the crocodile was his…

Felt like a dream

As i was walking one day in Autumn when the leaves were orange and swaying softly all around me like i was in a whirlpool i heard something sudden! All the silence i was enjoying had gone all the peppermint smell by the breeze had  disappeared to an awful swamp smell as i turned a brick corner, laying there in a massive puddle a spiky  crocodile something i could not get my head around, as i have walked down this lane many times that you could not keep count,  before i could have another look at the ugly beast i ran away and forgot forever!!!!