the taxi

once upon a time 2 girls were walking to the park to have a pick- nick and them girls were called abbie and libby, abbie and libby were the greatest of friends and went everywhere together. As the walked up the hill they got tired and called a taxi cab and as soon as they got […]

experiance français!!!!!!

Having the french for the week was the best week of my life as we did so many activities such as the film night,disco night and london especially.In London we went on the london eye,River cruise,pizza hut which was eat all you want buffa,m and m world and cool Brittania .I will miss them very […]

Marry rose trip

I loved the marry rose trip because there were lots of stuff that were actually on the marry rose!i think the Idear of breaking the wall down is great in 2016.   I can’t wait to smell the atmosphere of the boat.Tell me what you think about the trip?

maths mental subtraction

Always remember to use these golden rules for subtraction:   >Use the inverse >count on >count back >use your fingers >partition the number >estimate at the start >use the number bonds >start with the larger number   hope these tips help

Tudor Day

On Wednesday 14th january 2015 we had a tudor day which involved tudor related activities and  opportunities to dress up in tudor costumes . My (Finlay) personal favorite activity  was a game called house of fortune where you had to place money (counters) on a board, you have 2 dices and when you roll a […]

Mary Rose Trip

On the 16th  of January (Friday) year 5 went to the Mary Rose !Firstly we walked down to  southbourne station to catch a train .We went on the train, got of at Havent station, Got another that went Straight portsmouth! After the journey we walked to the mary rose  in portsmouth dockyard But before that […]

How to do the column method – addition

The column method 1. Write out calculation in correct format ( one number above the over) If your number has decimals start with them 2. Start with the numbers on the right-hand side then do the left. 3. If both of the numbers you add go over 10 put a 1 beneth the next column […]

Relative clauses

To use relative clause you need to take a relative pronoun and  add in extra detail. Example; Lila’s throat, which was scorched with flames, was dry. Also make sure that the sentence make sense on it’s own. Can you think of any examples of relative clauses?

Hey Diddle Diddle – English/Drama

This week we have been looking at play scripts in English so today we had a play scripts to try and act out.I was so embarrassed when it was  my groups go because I had the most speech .This was so tense because we had only practiced a couple of times so I definitely  was not ready! But all the […]

Fantastic firework sewing

In class five we have been sewing fireworks on to a frame doing lots and lots of fun creations on them. First we  made the frame from wood, glue and paper. Then we sewed on to the black cloth Pictures  of fireworks. Today on Tuesday the 18th we did some firework sewing! All of the […]