Paper Plane Testing

We have been designing paper planes to find out which stay in the air the longest and go the furthest. We had to consider the forces that would be at work during the flight during the designing and making process. These were the results. Plane                Time (s)   […]

Beat It… Take 2

This is our second attempt at Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. We’ve now added the lyrics to the chorus. What do you think?

Who owns a suitcase like this?

Look at the clues and try to work out who this suitcase belonged to?

Beat It… Take 1

As part of our Your Country Needs You topic, we are looking at popular music in Britain since the 1940s. Class 5 have looked at the 1980s and some of the songs and artists who were popular then. We then gad to pick one that we are going to perform as a choir, and we […]