Class 5 Samba Band

We ended the Autumn term in style this afternoon by taking our Samba band outside in the sunshine to entertain the parents as they arrived to collect the children. It was brilliant. Listen to the recording here…

Our Class Assembly

Today was our class assembly, and it was amazing. Everyone in the class did a great job…and no-one forgot their lines! What was your favourite part of the Class 5 assembly?

experiance fran├žais!!!!!!

Having the french for the week was the best week of my life as we did so many activities such as the film night,disco night and london especially.In London we went on the london eye,River cruise,pizza hut which was eat all you want buffa,m and m world and cool Brittania .I will miss them very […]

Plant Life…

Today we dissected Daffodils. The aim was to find the different parts of the plant and label them. We then went on to research and record the job that each part of the plant does.