Fractions are coming…

Try this game to get you thinking about fractions.

Modroc Madness!!!

Multiplication and division game

This week we are carrying on our work with multiplication and division. You can practice by having a go at this game. Let us know how you get on in the comments.  

Adventures in Modroc begins…

Today we began making our modroc creations. Over the next week we will be making a model of ourselves. The first step was to make a wire frame. The wire was tough, but so are we so it was all ok.  

Sustainable Living

Today we have had some visitors telling us all about where different energy sources come from and how we use them. What did you learn today?

Healthy Living Day – 2014

Today was Healthy Living Day at Southbourne Juniors. We took part in football, hockey, handball and circuit training activities in the morning. In the afternoon we made and tasted a range of healthy foods including smoothies, kebabs and pitta breads. What was your favourite part of the day? Healthy Living Day – 2014