Sweet evil

On a soft summers eve a billow of smoke from the near by candy factory, ruining the evening with pollution but making the air sweet with the smell of boiling sweets. There were black currants and oranges and soft apples. However not every crocodile was happy with the pollution. Pepper mint the crocodile was willing […]

The terrible teacher troubles

One day  a girl called fred woke up in her duvet which was as soft as a sheep’s coat . She didn’t  want  to go to school because her new teacher had she some very weird characteristics of a crocodile.On top of being a crocodile she eat pepper and orange together. Weird .I didn’t want […]

Croc ate his friends

Once upon a time there was a crocodile who liked eating soft oranges and dr pepper and he always forgot to put the dr pepper cans in the bin! If you didn’t know he met Mr Dude who he ate 2 seconds after they saw each – other which Mr Dude obviously didn’t enjoy! Whilst Croc was trotting home when […]

hiding under the bedcovers

i lay silently in my bed and i could hear wind howling viciously outside and floorboards creaking. Suddenly i heard a loud creak, hid under the bed covers, my heart pounding. As i plummeted under the covers feeling something wet touch my feet  i remembered that when i had let my pet crocodile up he […]

Ewen and the sweet shop

Ewen was walking to school whilst he smelt the wonderful smell of boiling sweets. He turned to see a massive boiled sweet being put on the windowsill. At that second a crowd of children looking at the boiled orange peppermint crocodile. Ewen knew he could not afford it so he slowly walked to school but […]

Felt like a dream

As i was walking one day in Autumn when the leaves were orange and swaying softly all around me like i was in a whirlpool i heard something sudden! All the silence i was enjoying had gone all the peppermint smell by the breeze had  disappeared to an awful swamp smell as i turned a […]

The Human Body – by Leo

Introduction The human body is a complex and complicated structure. Muscles and joints are vital to help us move :without them we would be paralyzed. The adult human body is made of 206 bones, the baby’s body is made off 300 bones. Muscles There are 700 named muscles in the human body. They are really […]

The human body – by Florence

INTRODUCTION the human body is a fragile frame – work made of 206 bones.You will read some of the most interesting facts in the human body .For example did you know it takes 27 bones to smile and 41 to frown.If you are truly intrigued read more YOUR SIZING SKELETON Amazingly babies have 94 more […]


The human skeleton is an epic creation that everyone has!The report will have amazing facts that you wont think are true but they are.Did you know that you have 206 bones in you ?  JOINTS Amazingly joints help you move and stay in one shape and size.If you didn’t have organs you would die instantly.   BONES Did you know […]

Human Body – by Libby

Introduction The human body is like your organs bones skin and if you didn’t have skin you would look ugly and pole of bones and wouldn’t be able to get tanned. organs organs are things what help us survive are kidney is what keeps are bad things in and are heart is what help us […]