Beat It – Final Version

So here it is. Our complete version of Beat It by Michael Jackson. Please let us know what you think…

the taxi

once upon a time 2 girls were walking to the park to have a pick- nick and them girls were called abbie and libby, abbie and libby were the greatest of friends and went everywhere together. As the walked up the hill they got tired and called a taxi cab and as soon as they got in the car it started to fly in the sky  and Abbie touched the cloud and that turned into candy floss so Libby  touched a cloud and that turned into chocolate  when they both looked to the man driving the cab he was wearing a pink Tutu with a tiara and wings , they were laughing there heads off .

what do you think they should do keep riding or get off and have the pick- nick ?:)

Paper Plane Testing

We have been designing paper planes to find out which stay in the air the longest and go the furthest. We had to consider the forces that would be at work during the flight during the designing and making process.

These were the results.

Plane                Time (s)                 Distance (m)

FreddieAir                        1.86                                                   2.45

Abbie-Rose                       1.24                                                   0.45

The PH                              2.24                                                   5.67

Easy Jet                             2.00                                                  5.33

Harpy II                            1.39                                                   4.22

Unicorn Cookies             1.69                                                   5.85

Beat It… Take 2

This is our second attempt at Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. We’ve now added the lyrics to the chorus. What do you think?

Who owns a suitcase like this?

Look at the clues and try to work out who this suitcase belonged to?

Beat It… Take 1

As part of our Your Country Needs You topic, we are looking at popular music in Britain since the 1940s. Class 5 have looked at the 1980s and some of the songs and artists who were popular then. We then gad to pick one that we are going to perform as a choir, and we chose… Beat It by Michael Jackson!!!!! This is our first attempt at Beat Boxing and singing the bass line. Watch this space to hear how is develops.

African Drumming

These are our compositions using a range of African percussion. We created polyrythms and leant how to write them down using musical notation.


More African Masks…

These are some more African Masks we have made today. We’re all about the African Masks at the moment. This time we used our sewing skills. We all learnt that it can sometimes be tricky to thread wool through the eye of a needle. Well done to Phoebe for helping so many people thread their needles and help keep Mr Blake-Lobb sane.

African Masks

These are some of our African masks. What do you think?

African Drumming – The sounds of lesson 1

We have been learning to play African percussion instruments and these are the compositions from our first lesson. What do you think?