Flamenco Dancing Workshop



As part of our Spain topic, we have a flamenco dancing workshop this week. What do you think flamenco dancing is? What do you think the music might be like? What are you most looking forward to?

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Welcome Parents!!


Today is our open afternoon. Welcome to all our lovely parents and thank you so much for coming! Please leave a comment about the work you have seen in our school and our classroom.

Thanks again,

Class 1 🙂

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Series and Parallel!!


So, we looked at series and parallel circuits in science today, but can any of you explain the difference?

Why would it be better to have a parallel circuit in your house?

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Visit to Glebe House


The children in year 3 all visited Glebe House Residential Home this morning to share christmas carols and mince pies with the residents. I have never been so proud of a group of children in my life-every single child behaved beautifully and spoke so respectfully and thoughtfully to all of the residents. The staff were really welcoming and are hoping to have the children back again soon. Well done year 3.

What was your favourite part of our visit? What could we do with the residents next time? Are there any questions that you didn’t get to ask?

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Roman Day!!!


Please add any facts that you have learned about the Romans today!! Also tell me-what was your favourite part of the day? What would you have enjoyed about being a Roman soldier? What do you think you would have found difficult?

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Wow-End of an amazing first half term!!


Well guys, what a fantastic couple of months we have had together. I am so proud of all the work that my class, the lower base and the whole school has achieved.

What has been your favourite moment/trip/lesson etc this half term?

What are you looking forward to after the holiday?

Mrs B!

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Wow!! The Little People (The Munchkins) are taking over!!


This week the school has been taken over by little people living in our walls!! We have found out that they are called Munchkins!

What else have you learned about them? What do you think they look like? Why are they here?

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Space Bat Angel Dragon!!


The Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon is swooping towards Earth. Describe the beast in one fantastic sentence!!

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What is your favourite memory from your summer holidays?


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Science Experiment!


We carried out a science experiment yesterday, looking at what happens to our shadows through the day.

What did you predict would happen?

What did you notice happen?

Why do you think this happened?


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